Calvary Baptist Church was established in 1992 under the inspiration and leadership of the Holy Spirit guiding the founding pastor Bro. Dale Galloway. Brother Dale pastored and labored for the Lord and God’s people at Calvary Baptist Church until the very moment that God called his faithful servant home. He reached many people in His lifetime with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and unwavering truth of God’s word. The current pastor, Kaleb O’Steen was one of those influenced by the Godly life and biblical teaching of Brother Dale Galloway. Kalebs’ parents hosted the churches first meetings in their living room until the small and faithful congregation was able to purchase their first building. God has since blessed and grown the church over these many years, and used it in many peoples lives to proclaim the Gospel of the Lord Jesus. Kaleb, the current pastor, was born and raised in this same church and community.